MSAA Series 6  Clinics

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MSAA 6 series Clinic Curriculum

The below is a general gist of what could be covered during the 1 day training. It would be highly unlikely that all of the following will take place. The clinicians will identify the needs of each individual through personal chairlift time/ one on one discussions/ or previous experience and group according to group needs for the 1 day. This could be by certification level or by stated desire to practice on certain areas or by clinician knowledge based on identified participant deficit areas. Group may swap or may not in the afternoon based on Clinicians identified needs. 


  • Clinicians will cover a variety of Alpine Level 2 and 3 fundamental versatility tasks, along with other skill based tasks and exercises, and their integration into skill development and skill blending.  


  • Clinicians will work on participants personal skiing skill development in all of the 5 fundamental areas as noted in the PSIA Alpine technical manual, as well as their application and blending in various terrain and snow conditions relative to participant desired certification level. 


  • Clinic will cover a variety of demonstration skiing including but not limited to: Wedge turns, Wedge Christie, Parallel, Dynamic Parallel. 


  • Clinicians cover a variety of mountain skiing relative to participant desired certification level (green, blue, and black) with various snow conditions including but not limited to: groomed, ungroomed, steeps, bumps, trees, powder, and crud. 


  • Clinician sets up scenarios allowing participant to practice teaching techniques and learning styles including but not limited to: reciprocal, guided discovery, problem solving, call down, experiential, visual, auditory, kinesthetic, watcher, doer, thinker and feeler. 


  • Clinician sets up and facilitates discussions on technical understanding of skiing and applying that knowledge into teaching public and peers. 


  • Clinicians set up and help guide Movement Analysis activities with participants themselves as well as guide practice on their peers/students and facilitate self-coaching. 


  • Clinic will guide participants in personal coaching to facilitate improvement in both teaching and skiing outcomes after clinic has ended. Give them specifics to practice in preparation for exams.